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Photo Slide Show Time 1.0

Produce high-quality slideshow videos of your favorite photos and music
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Photo Slide Show Time is a simple utility that anyone can use to produce quality video slideshows of their favorite photographs and background music. Suitable for all types of users, the program offers a nice set of slide transitions that you can customize and a long list of device-based output profiles whose settings can also be tweaked to fit your personal requirements.

The entire creation process is, in essence, quite simple, though it has its own peculiarities. The program’s main interface offers a timeline where you can drag and drop as many image files as you wish as well as your favorite audio track. Note, however, that though images can be selected browsing your system via the folder list in the top-side panel of the program’s interface, audio tracks need to be dragged and dropped into the timeline via your preferred file manager. Images need to be selected one by one – dropping entire folders of images is not supported, and neither is multi-file selection.

Every time you drop an image into the photos track of the timeline, the program will assign random a transition effect to it. If you’re not too picky about this, you can just let the program do the entire selection for you, though you can always click on any of them to change the program’s choice and to modify its duration. You can also click on the slide itself also to change its duration, as no other image editing features are available. Both duration times are set to 3 seconds by default, a value that needs to be changed both on a slide-by-slide and a transition-by-transition basis.

This duration value is not only important for the final visual result, but also for the total duration of the soundtrack selected. As, despite the waveform preview, the program also lacks any audio editing features, you won’t be able to clip the track selected to match the length of the video stream, let alone add a fade-out effect at the end of it. You will need to calculate the total duration of the video and make the audio track match its length using an external audio editor, as the program will cut the audio abruptly right where the video stream ends. As the program’s preview window is but a video player with no audio output, you won’t be able to check the final result until you create the slideshow and play it back using your favorite media player.

Once your slideshow is all set up, you can define the output video and audio formats in the export settings dialog. Here you’ll find a nice set of device-based profiles and the possibility of configuring it all yourself manually.

Photo Slide Show Time offers a very basic functionality wrapped on an interface design that, as seen, has some usability issues. A bit pricey for a one-function software tool, its lack of photo and audio editing features and its usage peculiarities make it look even more expensive of what it really is.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Customizable transitions and slides
  • Slide manager
  • Slideshow preview
  • Timeline editor
  • Support for background music


  • Pricey
  • No image or audio editing features
  • The preview plays the video stream only
  • Usability issues
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